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Managing Motherhood - 10 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Day

Before motherhood came along most women worked in a variety of professions, from managing their own businesses, performing shift work, or just doing long hours or having late nights in general.

By the end of the week exhaustion would set in so the weekend was the perfect time to catch up on much-needed sleep.

But then those women embraced motherhood, had children and any form of sleep became a distant memory. Those blessed weekend sleep-ins were most certainly a thing of the past.

Then there was learning to juggle the cost of living on a reduced income, possibly taking on a part-time job or starting up an at-home business, looking after children, doing the housework, book-work, cooking, cleaning shopping and trying to spend quality time with their partner.

It all sounds too hard to deal with, but it doesn't have to be.

Follow these 10 tips on how to make motherhood more manageable.

1.Stop feeling guilty. Everyone will have an opinion about what you should and shouldn't do and it wil…
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Fertility Evolution - Support Your Fertility and Motherhood With the Planets and Human Design

Human Design Weekly Report

Collectively, we are stepping up to a new level this week. And you are ready. The stakes are higher, the challenge greater but you are prepared. Really. You have what it takes to get through whatever is coming up in your fertility and motherhood.

Not just get through it indeed. You have what it takes now to claim a new baseline in your life with regard to your comfort. It is time to raise the bar and become very, very comfortable. With what you might ask?

With your beauty and grace.

Motherhood and Beauty

The new baseline that we are concerned with right now is around experiencing grace and beauty. More specifically your own grace and beauty.

You are being asked to love your own self even more. And this is important if you are to thrive as a mother.

We have been taught that grace and beauty come in particular packages and many of us look in the mirror and perceive something else. You are being invited now to connect in with the much deeper truth of your profound bea…

Motherhood and Career - How to Juggle Between the Two

I have been a mother for the last 8 years. I gave up my career to be a full-time mother to my children. Motherhood has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience with its share of vicissitudes. Yes, there were times when my sons threw tantrums when I wanted to escape and run away. There were times when I wanted to sleep but had to stay up putting a cranky baby to bed. There were also times when just a full-throated laughter, a smile, or the smell of my baby's skin could melt my heart and lift my spirits. A roller coaster of emotions, I guess, is part of normal motherhood.

Keeping up the daily routine of being a mother, the one question which was always at the back of my mind, "what about my career?" A well-educated MBA, it always tugged at my heart's strings that years, which could be spent in building my career, were flying by looking after kids. It did hurt me to see batch mates and colleagues climb corporate ladders while I was being a mother.

The pragmatist in me knows…

When Motherhood Ruins Your College Friendships

The joys of motherhood can often be shadowed by the pain of ruined friendships. Sometimes motherhood has a way of ruining college friendships. The following is a look at when motherhood ruins your college friendships, and what you can do about it.

Why it happens: The first thing you have to address is why it happens. The biggest reason that being a mom can ruin a college friendship is because if you are a mom, and your friends are not, your lives are on different tracks. They are in the career world, or out at clubs, etc. and you are up to your elbows in laundry, dirty diapers, and finding the right preschool. Your interests and priorities in life are suddenly very, very different. You no longer relate on the same level because you are not longer on the same level. Instead of being able to talk for hours on end, you usually end up sitting around with nothing to talk about. Basically, if you are a mom and they are not, or if they are a mom, and you are not, life is different.

How to ma…

How to Be a Happy Mum - Five Self Help Tips to Enjoy Motherhood!

You could be a happy mum if the children would only stop fighting or did as they were told. You could enjoy motherhood more if your partner did more housework or gave you more time out. Or if you had more money, right?

Well, here's the thing. If you wait for the behaviour of your children/husband or your financial status to reach certain conditions in order for you to be happy, you are placing your happiness into someone or something else's hands, and thus it becomes purely by chance that you will experience happiness.

Why not put the power to be happy back into your own hands by becoming personally responsible for it? You cannot control another person's behaviour, but you can control your own. Here are just five tips that will help you to become a happier mum, enjoy motherhood and control how much happiness you experience in your life:

1. Observe your thoughts

What are you saying to yourself? Become the observer and analyse what you say to yourself and the effect it has o…

What Are the Social and Ethical Issues Related to Surrogate Motherhood?

Whether or not Surrogate motherhood is ethical and ought to be supported is actually a tricky and hot subject in the current society.

It is one particular issue that can actually draw a line between the modern and the conservative. The issue has been a center of debate in many of the law making institutions in the world. America has been a place for rights, and has actually not been left behind in embracing the rights of women to choose not to give birth and contract the responsibility to others at a fee.

There are many reasons that may actually be given to justify the surrogacy contract. In many societies, there is actually that respect that is given to the process of procreation. At least in most of the religious institutions like Islam, Christianity, Hindu Sikhism Judaism and many others, there is a sanction that is actually given in the holy books. That actually means that there is a justification that marriage as a union should bring forth human beings. There is therefore a good ju…

Making the Most of Motherhood - Tips For New Moms

Some women become mothers without the realization of the mixed blessings or the responsibilities of the role they just got into. While motherhood brings joy to those who want it and understand what goes with it, it can bring depression to a lot of other women hence the term postpartum depression which occurs in about 10% of pregnancies within a few days or even month after delivery. Its prevalence rate is approximately 1 in 679 or 0.15% or 400,000 people in USA (Source: Postpartum Depression Fact Sheet).

Becoming a mother is a role that one should be mentally and psychologically prepared for. Unfortunately no matter how one prepares for motherhood, we are not always ready for the relentless crying, sleepless nights, unknown ailments etc that comes with the baby package. Some of us develop coping mechanisms, others research to be better informed, and others have a great support system. Whatever you have, some of the tips below will ensure that you understand what to expect as a new moth…